Lily James and Matt Smith
Biography Born Name: Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson Nick Name: Unknown Date of Birth: 5 April, 1989 Place of Birth: Esher, Surrey, England Sun sign: Aries Religion: Unknown Nationality: England Education: Lily James studied at Arts Educational School in Tring, Hertfordshire. In 2010, She studied acting at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Profession: Actress.

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Travis Fimmel
Biography Born Name: Travis Fimmel Nick Name: Rangi Date of Birth: 15 July, 1979 Place of Birth: Echuca, Victoria, Australia  Sun sign: Cancer Religion: Unknown Nationality: Australian Education: He attended RMIT college and study commercial architecture and engineering there.  Profession: Actor, Model

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Taylor Momsen
Biography Born Name: Taylor Michel Momsen Nick Name: Tay, Tay Tay Momsen, Momsen, Little J, Death, Tay Mom Date of Birth: 26 July, 1993 Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, United States Sun sign: Leo Religion: Roman Catholic Nationality: American Education: Taylor Momsen attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in starting and after […]

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Top 10 Pics of 2014
This is my list of top 10 funny pics of 2014. This List is arranged from 10 to 1. I hope you will find this interesting  so enjoy. 10.  

Top 10 Funny Pics of 2014

BIG BOSS is one of most watched reality show of Indian Television. After the great success of seven seasons its season eight will gonna be end in few weeks. As you know there were lots of ups and downs in this season. Love, Fight, Drama we see everything. But what […]


Jutin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Biography Born Name: Justin Randall Timberlake Nick Name: Jt, Justin  Date of Birth: 31 January, 1981 Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee, U.S Sun sign: Aquarius Religion: Southern Baptist Nationality: American Education: Justin had attended E. E. Jater Elementary School located in Millington, Tennessee. He was then homeschooled after 6th grade, in his middle and high school years. Profession: Singer-songwriter, Actor, […]

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Biography Born Name: Amber Laura Heard Nick Name: Amber, Ammi, Amber Heard Date of Birth: 22 April, 1986 Place of Birth: Austin, Texas, United States Sun sign: Taurus Religion: Atheist Nationality: American Education: Amber entered in St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, Austin. She was active in extra curricular activities as she participated in school’s each drama […]

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Drake and Rihanna
Biography Born Name: Aubrey Drake Graham Nick Name: Drake, Graham, Aub Date of Birth: 24 October, 1986 Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Sun Sign: Scorpio Nationality: Canadian Religion: Jewish Education: Drake attended Jewish Day School. During his sixth grade he moved to Forest Hill where he joined Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where he began acting, but did […]

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Katy Perry and John Mayer
Biography Born Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson Nick Name: Katy, Pussycat, Katy bird, Katycat Date of Birth: October 25, 1984 Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California, USA Sun sign: Scorpio Religion: Christian Nationality: American Education: Perry attended religious schools and camps. She went to Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta California, for one year. After passing 1st […]

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Biography Born Name: Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson Nick Name: Rob, R-Pattz, Robert Date of Birth: 13 May, 1986 Place of Birth: London, England Sun Sign: Taurus Nationality: British Religion: Roman Catholic Education: Till the age of 12 Pattinson attended Tower House School and then The Harrodian School for higher studies. During his child age he played various role in dramas and […]

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Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger
Biography Born Name: Avril Ramona Lavigne Nick Name: Abbey, Av, Avril Date of Birth: 27 September, 1984 Place of Birth: Belleville, Ontario, Canada Sun Sign: Libra Nationality: Canadian Religion: Christian Education: Avril was not studied much. She started singing at the age of two. She used to play guitar, piano, a drum during her childhood. When […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Biography Born Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Nick Name: Cris, Ronnie, Ron  Date of Birth: 5 February, 1985 Place of Birth: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Sun sign: Aquarius Religion: Catholic Nationality: Portuguese Education: Ronaldo was expelled from the school as he threw a chair on his teacher because his teacher disrespected him. During his school time […]

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