Alex Pettyfer Diet Plan


Alexander Richard Pettyfer also known as “Alex Pettyfer” (born 10 April 1990) is an English actor and model. He is also known becouse of his role in “I Am Number Four” and in “Beastly”. Alex has one of best physiques in hollywood, he is quite famous among girls becouse of his amazing physique. Alex believes in natural and healthy diet thats why he follow a proper diet plan. He was also a captain in his college football team and thats why he got an athletic body. Lets take a look at his diet plan.


Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 185 pounds

Alex Pettyfer Diet:




  • Chicken, fish, eggs and turkey are his favourites becouse they are high in lean proteins.
  • He avoid food high in non-starch like bananas, potatoes, corn etc
  • He loves to eat pasta dishes, oats, bread.
  • Orange juice is his favourite juice.
  • He drinks as much water as he can in a day.


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