Amanda Seyfried Workout Routine


Amanda Seyfried (born December 3, 1985) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, and model. She is best known because of her role in “Jennifer’s Body”, “Letters to Juliet”, “In time” and in “gone”. Her upcoming movie “Lovelace” is releasing in 2012. She is also known because of her cute face, beautiful wide eyes and amazing smile but this is not the only reason of her popularity, she is also known as fitness queen because of her fit body and perfect curves. Lets take a look at her workout routine.


Height: 5′ 3″

Weight: 117 pounds

Measurements: 36-23-33



Amanda is very curious about her health and she also hired a trainer named Harley Pasternak. Harley is well known for training Lady Gaga, Megan Fox and Jennifer Hudson. Amanda is very dedicated to her workouts and she always follow workout routine made by her trainer. She visit gym 4-5 days in a week. Amanda loves jogging and she usually bring her dog Finn also.



Amanda is following Pasternak’s 5 factors workout workout plan. This is a special workout routine and for this you need a set of dumbbells, jump rope, floor mat, and a bench with incline feature. In this workout plan you need to do two exercises back to back without resting. This way you make your workout shorter (30 minutes per day) and in result you burn much calories. You need to perform this 5 days in a week.


How it works:

Step 1: 5 min of cardio warm up and for this you can do jump rope, cycle, walk or cardio machine.

Step 2: 5 min of upper body strength and for this you can do Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows (see here).

Step 3: 5 min of lower body strength and for this you can do Reverse Lunges (see here).

Step 4: 5 min of core training and for this you can do Double Crunches (see here).

Step 5: 5 min of cardio exercises and for this you can do the same exercise that you were doing in step 1.


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