Best way to lose weight fast for women

This is the type of topic which everyone have some suggestions to give, I search all over the web and there are millions of ideas to lose weight. Some ideas are good and some are bad, but don’t worry becouse im going to give you some ideas which i personally feels are the best way to lose weight because i have lost 22 pounds in 2 months with hard work and by using some simple techniques. Without giving any other example or story i am coming straight to the point so read and follow.


 1. Reduce your eating. Every time you eat you take proteins and fat which are not helpful to reduce weight. Forget food for 2 months, just eat snacks and drink much water. You can eat fruits and boiled vegetables or drink their juice. Only eat when you feel very hungry and make this your habit.


2. Join gym or slimming club. Exercise is very important because it will reduce all the extra fat and for that you have to workout hard. Run more than 30 minutes on treadmill, you can do cardio exercises or spa treatments. Just don’t lift much weight be regular at gym and make your workout enjoyable.


3. Increase you activity level. Be active and don’t take much sleep or rest becouse you need to burn your calories and for that you have to make yourself busy. You can join some classes or you can do some work at home. You can play football, basketball or any other outdoor game to burn your calories. You can also join swimming class.


4. Take doctor’s advice. You can take doctor’s advice but don’t take medecines becouse you can naturally lose your weight.


If you follow these steps for two months you will see drastic change in yourself.Just do it, thanks for reading. All the best :).

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