Christian Bale Workout Routine


Christian Charles Philip Bale also known as “Christian Bale” (born 30 January 1974) is an English actor. He is best known as his portayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman series. He is also known becouse of his fitness at this age. He is very conscious about his health and thats why he follow proper workout routine. He transformed his body from 121 pounds to 220 pounds in just 5 months to fit in the role of Batman. He believes in regular workout, he gain weight only becouse of weight training workouts and not to forget his dedication. To bulk up quickly like him all you need is immense amount of work, good instructions and lot of hard work. Lets take a look at his workout routine.


Height: 6′ 0″

Weight: 210 pounds




Monday: Chest

  • Gironda Neck Press: 5 sets x 10reps
  • Incine DB Press: 3 sets x 12reps
  • Narrow Grip Bench Press: 3 sets x 15reps
  • Cable Fly Low Pulley: 3 sets x 10reps
  • Cable Fly High Pulley: 3 sets x 10reps

Tuesday: Back

  • Wide Grip Pull-ups: 3 sets x 15reps
  • Reverse Grip Cable Pull-down: 3 sets
  • Seated Cable Row: 3 sets x 10reps
  • Chin-ups: 3 sets x 15reps



Wednesday: Arms and Legs

  • Cardio exercises
  • Dumbbells
  • Squats
  • 20-30min Treadmill running
  • Dips

Thrusday: Rest Day

Friday: Shoulders

  • Military Press: 3 sets x 15reps
  • Seated DB Military Press: 3 sets x 15reps
  • Side Lateral Raise: 3 sets x 10reps
  • Front Lateral Raise: 3 sets x 10reps

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Cardio exercises




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