John Cena:

Hrithik Roshan (born 10 January 1974) is an Indian film actor. He is well known for his different acting skills and also he is well known becouse of his muscular and sculpted body. When he was 15 yrs old he was skinny. And now its hard to image that how skinny guy transformed into a muscular guy and got a amazing body and muscles. This transformation happened becouse of his hard work and diet ofcourse. Now he is well known as a WWE superstar and as a Hollywood actor. He always take his diet seriously and eat fresh food and take 5 to 6 meals in a day. He has very typical and high amount of meal which he follows daily. His diet plan is given below.

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 240 pounds

John Cena Diet:


  • Breakfast: 8-10 eggs, 8 egg-whites, 2 egg yellows and 100g of oatmeal.
  • Mid-Morning: Protein bar
  • Lunch: 2 Chicken breasts, 100g brown Rrce, fruits and vegetables.
  • Mid-Afternoon: Tuna in wholewheat breads.
  • Before Workout: Whey protein shake and a banana.
  • Evening Snack: Casein protein shake or low fat cottage cheese.
  • Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken, brown rice or pasta, vegetables and salad.




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5 Responses to John Cena Diet

  1. Endi says:

    vic people are rite when they say youre the man!got one qeistuon though :how do you incoporate MMA training and bodybuilding training? split days?or is it fine to work out during the day then in the evening do the cardio side of training which is the MMA?please reply! people alwayts saying choose one or the other but surely not when you see the size of some of the UFC stars!

  2. Ashmi says:

    I have changed my wokourt so that i wokourt one body part each day for 5 days and take the weekends off like rob231m. After switching to this for about two months, i have seen improvements like i never thought i would get. Thank you for all of these tips

  3. Miri says:

    IMHO this esercixe IMHO this esercixe is for people to stay in shape, NOT to get in shape. therefore, if you don’t already have an athletic body , I suggest u don’t try this at home.Additionally, your knees are not so fragile. If you treat them like they are very fragile, they will eventually get weak.I don’t say over do it but IMO Zuzana is not doing anything harmful.

  4. Alejandra says:

    Im 14 really need to get back in shape for secocr im maybe 115-120 pounds 5ft All summer Ive done nothing but stay inside and play video games and now that secocr season is here ive been dying on sprints and laps

  5. Age Da Silva Santos Jr. says:

    thanks for photos.
    don't forget follow @gilang_299

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