Justin Bieber Workout Routine

Justin Bieber:

Justin Drew Bieber also known as “Justin Bieber” born (March 1, 1994) is canadian singer, songwriter and actor. In very less time he becomes a heart of every single girl and achieve popularity and fame. The only thing in which Justin Bieber lacks is his beefed up body, so Justin took it upon himself and trying gain ultimate body. The workout of Justin Bieber is given here.

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 130 pounds

Justin Bieber Workout:

There is a rumour that Jutin Bieber hired a personal trainer Jordan Yuam. Yuam was the only trainer who also helped Taylor Lautner to gain 30 pounds of muscle and help Taylor Lautner to fit in the role of warewolf in Twilight movie.

After helping Taylor Yuam is ready for the Justin Bieber and he also says “oh yes, Justin is after Taylor all right :)”. With the help of Jordan Yuam Justin Wants to gain 6 pack abs, cut thighs and bulging biceps. And after noticing the drastic change in Tayor Lautner’s Body Justin Bieber is pretty sure that he can do this.

Workout Routine:

  • Justin Bieber Usually works 2 to 3 times in a week.
  • He mostly do cardio exercises which is followed by HIIT (high intensity interval training).
  • His exercises is divided in parts so that he can concentrate on different muscle groups.
  • He also enjoy running, push ups and basketball.

Jordan Yuam recommends the following exercises to Justin Bieber:

  • Push Ups- This helps in making upper body strong.
  • Hanging leg raises- Best way to gain 6 pack abs.
  • Crunches- This helps to increse strenght.

From the begining of 2012 Justin Bieber starts lifting heavy weights and also there you can see lot of changes in him including his hairstlye. Also he enjoys abs exercises (Remember that getting abs is 90% diet and 10% workout, rest is important). And also jordan recommend to drink green tea instead of coffee if a person wants to gain abs (just do this).

Also Justin Bieber already started boxing training and jogging.

Under the care of Jordan Yuam future looks bright for Justin Bieber.

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