Lionel Messi Diet Plan


Lionel Andres Messi also known as “Lionel Messi” (born 24 June 1987) is an Argentine footballer who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona and is the current captain of the Argentina national team. He is known all over the world because of his great skills and speed and that is why he is also called pro-footballer. Messi is skinny guy he doesn’t take heavy meals and as a footballer he loves to eat light food. He is very conscious about his health and that is why he always pay attention to his diet. Lets take a look at his diet plan.


Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 148 pounds


  • He loves to eat gummy worms, chewing gum, pizza, cotton candy.
  • He loves to eat food made at home or made by him.
  • Green veg, rice and beans.
  • Fresh fruits during the game specially bananas.
  • String cheese, hamburgers etc.

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