Tom Cruise Workout Routine


Thomas Cruise Mapother (born July 3 1962) also known as “Tom Cruise” is an American film actor and producer. He has won three Golden Globe Awards, and he is famous all over the world becouse of his great acting skills. At this age he still has great physique and muscles only becouse of hard work and dedication. He believes in simple and old workout plans. Lets take a look at his workout routine.


Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 170 pounds


  • He prefers to go gym daily for one hour.
  • He likes to warm up by running on treadmill for 15 min.
  • He do cardio exercises and some weight lifting exercises.
  • For stamina he do cycling, running and joggging.
  • For muscles he do push-ups, pull-ups, exercises with dumbbells etc.
  • He used to go for swimming in weekends.




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