Tom Hardy Diet Plan

Tom Hardy:

Edward Thomas also Known as “Tom Hardy” (born 15 September 1977) is an English actor. He is well known because of his role in Bronson, Warrior and also for his upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises. Tom Hardy work out hard for his movie Bronson and Warrior, he gain 14 pounds more and that are complete muscles. He did all this because of his training and diet plan suggested by his trainer. Tom Hardy had to eat lot of food for gaining big muscles and he followed a well balanced diet plan.

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 178 pounds

Tom Hardy Diet:



To slip into Characters he has to change his diet plan. In starting his diet plan is terrible, He use to have a sandwich in breakfast and drinks too much coffee which is very bad habit. And then he eat a big meal before going to sleep which is also very bad for metabolism. Then he hire a trainer, Pnut is very strict about diet he completely changed his diet plan and makes sure that he can gain big muscles.



To gain muscles he usually eat:

  • Lots of chicken and rice.
  • Protein shakes.
  • Oatmeal
  • lots of vegetables for metabolism.
  • Pizza, Coca-cola and Haagen-Dazs to put gain weight(not good stuff).

This helped him in gaining 15 pounds in just 7 weeks (amazing). He also did hard workout to change that fat in big muscles.


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